sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

A SHINING MOMENT IN MY LIFE (from our Goa-trip)

I normally rent a scooter in our holidays to get around more easily
. The Goa-vacation was not an exception. With a scooter you can feel the air and see more than just walking. Tapan, one of our hotel staff members in Goa, India asked me to give him a ride to a shop nearby to buy a shampoo. ”Of course, let´s go”, I said.

This moment changed something inside of
me. Me an Heli, we both took 400 ml (13,5 OZ) bottles of shampoo with us for a two week holiday. I admit, I could use less.

When we drove to the kiosk and Tapan bought his shampoo, it opened my heart and soul wide open when he told me the way he uses it. He bought one single sachet, containing 2 ml (0,06 OZ). Tapan said; ”It will last 1-2 weeks and I will wash myself and my clothes together the same time. Very convenient!

Sachets generate enormous amount of volume
in India. Most of the shampoo sales are through single use sachets. What it means is that it is much easier to sell 50 sachets than 1 bottle. Quick turnover means lower costs. Sachets are primarily sold through smaller retailers who again run with lower margins and overheads. Bottles are often sold through supermarkets with higher overheads.

This occasion made me question our way to live our lives by overconsuming our planets resources. Our worlds may be different concerning the way we live, but we still share the same passion, love and smile for life. I eternally thank you Tapan for opening my eyes.
I love and respect you very much!